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Gray Sky Records came into existence as Gray Sky Micro Press in 2011 with the ambition of publishing handmade books of fiction and poetry that we loved. We got our hands on a book binder, got Chris Clavin to design the covers, and went all out, publishing Gray Sky Numbers 1 and 2 - a collection of short stories of P. William Grimm and the poems of Jeffrey Whitelaw. Limited editions of fifty copies each, numbered and signed by the authors, we handmade and bound each and every copy in-house. It was rad. They all sold out pretty quickly.

It was also hard as hell.

Around that time, one of our good friends, Michael Dixon of the mind-bogglingly awesome small record label People in a Position to Know, suggested that we might want to expand to putting out records. He cut lathe and we loved his product, so we talked a band we love - the Norwegian low-fi folk electronica genius The Society of Poor Academics --- into letting us put out a limited edition 7" lathe cut record. It was awesome and sold out. That was Gray Sky Number 3.

There are now 19 Gray Sky releases and are almost all records. We are now Gray Sky Records and life is great. Gray Sky Release Number 20 will be our best ever. The catalog runs the gamut from punk to folk to psychedelic pop rock and country soul and more. We have a few surprises up our sleeves for 2018 - some really incredible stuff. So, stay tuned and check in often.

And while you are at it, take a look around, listen to some stuff, have a good time. We hope you find something you find interesting. Or at least odd.

Thanks for checking us out!