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Gray Sky No. 5 - Tooth Soup - Tooth Soup (digital only)

We are happy to present a 4 song EP by the incredible Bloomington-based band Tooth Soup. The band is Chris, Emily, Gary and Mitch the Champ. Each member handles their own song: Chris is on Farewell to All Things Familiar; Emily on Once upon a Time in Zilm; Gary on Veiled Warnings and Wasted Weekends; and Mitch the Champ on the Chicken of the Sea. Each is song is absolutely top notch on its own (though I admit to having a slight song-crush on Chicken of the Sea, in particular). Thanks to everyone for all of the support. Thanks to the band for making these awesome tracks. Cover art by Emily. 7 inch, clear lathe cut, limited edition of 50 copies, each hand-numbered (by me). PRIVATE PRESSING

For the first time, this record is available digitally here:
Tooth Soup Digital

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